Exploring Things That Come in Eights With Pictures

Eights hold a unique significance across various domains. From the mathematical elegance of an octagon’s eight sides to the harmonic charm of an octave’s eight notes, this number manifests its influence. Let’s shake things up with a journey into the world of eights.

So, Which Things Come in Eights? There are a lot of things that come in eights. Like as octagons, octopuses, spider legs, crayons in a standard pack, and octaves.

Numbers have stories to tell, and today, we’re focusing our attention on a special guest “the number eight.” Join me as we explore its intriguing presence in various corners of our lives.

A Visual List of Things That Come in Eights

Eight has a remarkable presence in our everyday life. So, here’s a list of things that often come in 8:


The Octagon is one of the most recognizable shapes associated with the number eight. It’s a polygon with eight sides and eight angles.

It’s frequently used in road signs, logos, and architectural design to convey strength, balance, and structure.


An octave is an interval spanning eight notes on the diatonic scale. It represents a harmonious doubling or halving of a frequency, producing a pleasing and balanced sound.


Octopuses typically have eight arms, which gives them their name. These arms are also called tentacles. Octopus arms are incredibly flexible and can be moved in virtually any direction.

Spider Legs

Spiders are arachnids, and one of the defining characteristics of arachnids is having 8 legs.

These legs are highly articulated and jointed. Spiders use their legs for walking and climbing.

They exhibit a unique walking pattern known as “alternating tetrapod” movement.

Stop Signs

A standard stop sign typically has eight sides. It is shaped like an octagon. Stop signs play a crucial role in traffic control and safety, helping to prevent accidents and ensure the orderly flow of vehicles at intersections.


Octane is a term often associated with chemical compounds containing eight carbon atoms in their molecular structure.

They contain at least one carbon-carbon double bond (C=C) in their structure.


A byte is a fundamental unit of digital information. It is made up of 8 bits. Each bit can represent one of two values, and these are 0 or 1.

Bytes are used to represent characters in computer systems.

Eight Planets (Formerly)

In our vast solar system, there are eight recognized planets. Before Pluto’s reclassification, there were eight recognized planets in our solar system.

Eight-Track Tape

The eight-track tape was a common medium for playing music. These magnetic tape cartridges were revolutionary at the time, allowing people to enjoy their favorite tunes on the go.

Tarantula Eyes

Tarantulas typically have eight eyes and which is a common characteristic among most spiders. These eyes are arranged in two rows on the front of their cephalothorax.

Eight Immortals

In Chinese mythology, the Eight Immortals are a group of legendary figures who have achieved immortality and are often depicted together.

Eight Wonders of the Ancient World

The original list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was expanded by the Greeks to include the “Eighth Wonder,” the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Figure Eight Knot

The figure eight knot is a type of stopper knot used in various applications, such as climbing, sailing, and rescue operations.

Eight Ball in Pool

In the game of pool, the black ball (the “eight ball”) is the last ball to be pocketed, and the player must call the pocket for it to be sunk legally.

In this classic cue sport, the eight-ball holds a special place as the game-winning objective.

Mathematical Things That Come in 8

Mathematics is the field where number holds the whole significance. Like other numbers, 8 is an important part of every kind of calculation.

So, here are some mathematical concepts or properties related to the number eight:

Fibonacci Sequence

Eight is a Fibonacci number. The Fibonacci sequence has applications in various fields, including mathematics, computer science, and finance.

The Fibonacci sequence is a popular topic in recreational mathematics, and it has inspired countless puzzles, patterns, and artistic creations.

Perfect Cubes

Eight is a perfect cube and it can be expressed as 2^3. Perfect cubes are often used in geometry to represent three-dimensional objects with equal length, width, and height.

Euler’s Formula

Euler’s formula is a fundamental equation in mathematics that relates complex exponentials, trigonometric functions, and the imaginary unit “I.”

This formula holds true for any polyhedron where the surface is topologically equivalent to a sphere, which includes many common polyhedra-like cubes.


8 raised to any power (8^n) will always have a last digit of 8 for any positive integer value of n.


An octahedron is a polyhedron with eight faces. These faces are identical equilateral triangles, which means all sides and angles of each triangle are equal.

Roots of Unity

The eighth roots of unity are the solutions to the equation z^8 = 1 in the complex plane.

These roots are equally spaced around the unit circle and have interesting mathematical properties.

Funny Things That Come in Group of Eights

Fun is everywhere. Therefore, here is a list of funny things that come in 8:

Eight-legged pants

Can you Imagine pants with eight legs? It’s a comical concept that might be amusing to picture.

Eight-leaf clover

A rare variation of the four-leaf clover, considered extremely lucky.


A humorous play on words, combining “Octo” (eight) with “pie.”

Eight-wheeled car

An exaggerated and funny version of a car with twice the usual number of wheels.

Eight-layer dip

A play on the popular seven-layer dip, adding an extra layer for fun.

Eight-second rule

A humorous extension of the “five-second rule,” suggesting that if you drop something, you have 8 seconds to pick it up before it’s considered too dirty to eat.

Facts About the Number 8

  • The first cubic number is eight and it represents the earth.
  • In Egypt, the number eight represents balance and harmony.
  • In Japan, eight is the digit that narrates multiplicity.
  • Octo-caffeinated: Octo-caffeinated is used to describe someone who’s had way too much coffee and is buzzing with energy.

Final Words

The number 8 isn’t just a digit – it’s an intricate thread that weaves through the fabric of our world.

In this journey through the realm of eights, we’ve uncovered a lot of things like famous things, mathematical terms, cultural things and so on.

I promise to continually update this article as more things come across which is related to 8.

Did I leave anything behind about things that come in eights? If I left anything, then let me know in the comment section. I would love to correct myself.

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