Things That Are Cold [You Never Knew]

things that are cold

As someone who loves the winter season, I can’t help but appreciate all the things that are cold. From icy drinks to snowflakes, there’s something about the chill that’s both refreshing and invigorating. As I observe my surroundings, I notice various things that are cold. Some of these cold things are ice, ice-cream, snowflakes, igloo, … Read more

39+ Things That Melt When Heated

things that melt

Have you ever wondered what makes glaciers retreat, metals reshape, and chocolate bars yield to the warmth of your touch? It’s the captivating phenomenon of melting, and it’s at the heart of this article. So, what are the things that melt? At a glance, ice, chocolate, butter, wax, sugar and this list extends to precious metals … Read more

Things That Bounce Around Us [Revealed]

things that bounce

Looking to satisfy your curiosity about bouncy things? Look no further! We’ve got the answer for you. So, what are some common things that bounce around us? There are different types of objects that bounce in this world. Some common ones include the Ball, marble, Spring, Tires, Dice, Drumstick, Balloon, Rubber Bands, Shuttlecock and Trampoline. Are … Read more

31 Common Things That Go Up – Rising to the Top

things that go up

If someone suddenly asked you, what things go up? If my guess is not too wrong, you might say that elevators or stairs go up. But did you know that apart from these elevators or stairs, there are many things around us that go up…! In this article, we will learn about everything from airplanes … Read more